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Affiliates: Tools & Services

A great way to support my work is to consider the tools and services I use for my writing every day. I’ll earn a small commission if you sign up through the affiliate links below.

NordVPN Security & Privacy

I’m using NordVPN for an extra layer of online security and privacy. NordVPN shields your IP address, which is particularly useful when accessing public Wi-Fi. I found it to be super fast and reliable. Check out my NordVPN review to learn about five reasons why I think a VPN is worth having (and one reason why it’s not).


Grammarly Writing Assistant

Check out Grammarly, the instant spelling and grammar checker service I use daily. The typing assistant has been a real game-changer in terms of proofreading. Grammarly works on all devices, in your browser, or with Microsoft Word.

Grammarly Writing Assistant

Siteground Webhosting

If you want to start your own self-hosted website or blog, I can recommend Siteground. I found them an excellent option to create my own website. Plus, their support is easy and quick to reach, which I found very valuable when I was just starting out.

Siteground Hosting